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Optometry: A swiftly growing field in the medical sector!- 6-Feb-2024

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In today's rapidly expanding medical landscape, the demand for paramedical courses is on the rise. The excessive use of digital technology devices in modern society has led to a surge in eye-related issues among the population.

Optometry, in particular, has emerged as a popular choice due to projections indicating that by 2050, half of the global population may experience eye-related conditions. Optometry courses present promising career paths, especially in primary eye care within Ophthalmology.

Optometrists play a pivotal role in examining patients' eyes and offering guidance on issues such as astigmatism, hereditary visual impairments, and eye muscle disorders. Graduates of optometry programs often specialize in areas such as low vision, contact lenses, refraction, and binocular vision, making it an ideal field for those inclined towards service-oriented professions.

Courses in optometry typically span four years at the undergraduate level, including a one-year internship, followed by optional postgraduate studies of two years. Admission to these programs does not require the NEET exam; instead, candidates with a background in science at the Plus 2 level can pursue a B.Sc. degree and subsequently specialize in areas like contact lenses, low vision, and vision therapy during postgraduate studies, which also offer research opportunities.


Optometrists, upon completing MBBS, may choose to specialize in optometry. As qualified ophthalmologists, they are equipped to diagnose and treat various eye-related ailments, prescribe necessary medications, and oversee patient care.


Career prospects for optometry graduates abound in hospitals, clinics, specs outlets, specs manufacturing firms, and research institutions. Additionally, optometry students may explore job opportunities abroad and even pursue entrepreneurial ventures. 

The coming of optometry colleges has also widened the scope for faculty positions, both domestically and internationally.

In conclusion, the field of optometry presents a promising avenue for those passionate about providing essential eye care services and contributing to the advancement of ocular health.

---S Gopala Krishnan, Principal, Sri Jayendra Saraswati Institute of Optometry, Chennai.

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