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"Scientists-treasures of the nation"- 23-Feb-2024

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The Union Minister for Earth Sciences, Kiran Rijiju, emphasized that scientists are integral to India's journey towards becoming a developed nation. 

He highlighted the pivotal role scientists must play in shaping India's future over the next 25 years. 

Recognizing that a science-driven approach positions a nation as a global leader, he underscored the significance of scientists as the nation's most valuable resource.

The Minister reiterated India's aspiration to achieve full development by 2047 and to assume a leadership role on the global stage, marking a significant departure after two centuries. He referenced Swami Vivekananda's prophecy that the 21st century would belong to India and its people, a vision that is increasingly evident today.

Reflecting on India's progress over the past decade, Rijiju noted substantial economic and sectoral growth, attributing much of this advancement to the country's scientific community.

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