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How little running or physical activity can protect from Covid hospitalization! -

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Today, the entire world is threatened by Covid 19, with everyone perplexed not knowing what to do.

Though Covid-19 may be a threat, everyone who has a bit understanding of the basic functioning of the Cardio- pulmonary system would accept that little ( thrice a week) bit of cardio workouts would save one from grave danger.

By this time most of us know how the dreadful corona virus enters the human system and lodges in the respiratory tract.

In the human system though all the organs work together for one unique purpose, the heart and the lung work hand-in-hand complimenting each other.

That is the reason some form of physical activity that relates to heart and lung (Cardio-pulmonary / Cardio- respiratory) will do good to save from grave danger.

Today, 90% of the students right from school lack proper systematic physical endurance activity like running or playing outdoor games and in the process leading to poor health grownup individuals.

Apart from that, along with sports and games, understanding of the human system should be given high priority.  Only then, we can build healthy individuals.

Now, coming to the effects exercises on the individual, a  recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers and physicians at Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Centre in South California found that Covid patients who regularly exercised before becoming sick were the least likely to be hospitalised, admitted to the ICU and die as result of their illness.

The UK Premier, Boris Johnson launched a fitness drive against Covid citing obesity and poor health conditions as reasons for high Covid fatality after his own discharge from hospital.

Its time every school, principal, teacher, student, parents and public understand the importance of good physical activity!

It should become a lifestyle of every Indian!             

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