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The National Policy of Education (NPE) 1986, emphasized that distance education is an important medium for the development and promotion of higher education. In this context, for the expansion and promotion of distance education the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), Government of India took an important decision that in the VIIIth year plan every state should establish a state open university following the distance education pattern. On this basis Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University (MPBOU) was established under an Act of State Assembly in 1991.

Under - Graduate Programmes (3 Years)
B.A. - Bachelor of Arts
B.Sc. - Maths
B.Sc. - Biology
B.Sc. - Information Technology
B.Sc. - Post Basic Nursing
B.C.A. - Computer Application
B.Ed. - GE-DE
B.Ed. - SE-DE
B.B.A. - Business Administration
B.Com. - Commerce

Post - Graduate Programmes (2 Years)
M.A. - Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology 
M.A. - Sanskrit 
M.A. - English 
M.A. - Economics 
M.A. - History
M.A. - Political Science
M.A. - Sociology
M.A. - Hindi
M.S.W. - Social Work
M.Sc. - Zoology
M.Sc. - Botany
M.Sc. - Mathematics
M.Sc. - Chemistry
M.Sc. - Physics
M.C.A. - Computer Application
M.Sc.- Computer Science
M.Sc. - Information Technology
M.B.A. - Business Administration
M.B.A. - Material Management
M.I.B. - International Business
M.B.E. - Business Economics
M.Com. - Account
M.Com. - Management

Post - Graduate Diploma Programmes (1 Year)
PGDBI - Post Graduate Diploma in Bio-Informatics
PGDCI - Post Graduate Diploma in Chemo-Informatics
PGDCA - Post Graduate Diploma  in Computer Application
PGPC-SEDE - Post Graduate Professional Diploma in Special Education
PGDIM - Post Graduate Diploma in Management
PGDTHM - Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management
PGDHM - Post Graduate Diploma in Heritage Management
PGDDTN - Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Therapeutic Nutrition
PGDPN - Post Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy and Nutrition
PGDHHM - Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management
PGDMCH - Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health

Diploma Programmes (1 Year)
DCA. - Diploma in Computer Application
DWMT - Diploma in Web & Multimedia Technology
DLE - Diploma in Linux Essentials (Administration)
DET - Diploma in Education Technology
DBA - Diploma in Business Administration
DIM - Diploma in Management
DAT - Diploma in Air fare and Ticketing
DNHE - Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education

Certificate Programmes (1 Year)
CCA - Certification in Computer Applications

Foundation Course 
FC-SEDE - Foundation Course on Education of Children with disabilities

Contact Address
Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University,
Kolar road (Raja Bhoj Marg),

Phone :  0755-2807390, 0755-2601774
Fax : 2424670
E-mail :
Website :

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