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Why schooling is an important process in child’s life? -

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The onset of Covid 19 subsequently going through repeated lockdowns had a huge impact on the behavioural patterns of children – students. 

Parents for the first time started to shudder at being powerless over their own children.  

Many critical parents started to realize the importance of schooling through the behavior of their own children – unable to listen, sit quietly, read, communicate properly, throwing tantrums abnormally …… the list goes on.

Beyond marks, schooling comprises a primary essential process called socialization. 

Socialization refers to the process of learning the expected behaviours, values, norms, and social skills of individuals who are to occupy particular roles later in society.

A major objective of socialization in the school setting is to make a child socially competent.

The process of socialization involves learning to properly interact with classmates, friends, juniors, seniors, teachers and others who revolve around the small society called school.  Apart from interaction, they learn to obey rules, respect classmates/school mates, work as a team, and learn how to behave in public places.  

It enables children to develop love, cooperation, tolerance, co-living, mutual respect and other various values in their life.

A sociologist parent says, ‘Children who went through the lockdowns had poor expression skills. In other words, deprived of Emotional Quotient (EQ) skills. They tend to throw more emotion than required while speaking.’            

The repeated lockdowns were a typical scenario to explain where the child, though provided with most necessary things including ‘online education’, were behind the benchmark as they lacked the socialization skills.

Thus, the process of schooling is way more than getting class ranks, but to acquire needed inherent qualities through socialization.

Parents, when visiting your child’s school next time, apart from looking closely at the marks acquired, peep deep into the social skills developed by your child.

Certainly, this will enable to bring-up a much-balanced child!

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