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How to break the chain of suicides...…?-

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In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of suicides among young students.

How to recognize people who are suicidal? Here are some tips for parents, friends, and teachers on how to get them out of that mindset...

Attention Parents, Friends:

Speak with more empathy with those people who are in despair, living without much hope in life.  Many people’s inner turmoil is basically because of the fact they feel that they don’t have anybody to listen to their anguish. 

Never ignore people talking about suicide. Giving them the assurance that you are with them and will be with them at all times would give them a lot of hope. 

Try to reduce the mental distress of the depressed by asking them to open up their feelings and not allow them to stay alone for too long.  

The person’s intent could be understood while they vent out. If they happen to have suicidal tendencies, it is better not to leave them alone, but rather immediately take them to a psychiatrist.  

Talk carefully with people who have suicidal tendencies.  Never use harsh words with them. This will trigger them to react more aggressively. 

People who are in a confused state of mind would seek help from others. When someone comes seeking you, even if you can't give a solution, at least listen patiently to what they have to say.

Attention to teachers: 

By talking to students with low marks in an encouraging and friendly manner, rather than demeaning them, can make a huge difference.

Apart from talking about how to score good marks, teachers can speak to students on developing life skills, problem solving skills, problem managing skills etc. 

Teachers can try to talk about students' common emotional problems, family situations and gradually help them divert their thoughts towards study.

Apart from talking about how to prepare for exams, how to face failures, teachers should also talk about how to accept failures.  It is also good to teach about the lessons to be learnt from failures and ways to recover from it.

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