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Understanding Bipolar Disorder!-

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Bipolar disorders are marked by huge swings in mood episodes. Bipolar affects a person's mood, thoughts, and behavior.  

Bipolar disorder can occur in kids of any age. Parents and caregivers need to be aware of the unique signs in children. 

Largely Bipolar disorder can be framed as  

Manic Episodes

Hypomanic Episode

Depressive Episodes

During a manic episode, individuals may engage in reckless behavior—for example, risky sexual behavior, excessive spending, or impulsive decision-making. 

An individual experiencing a hypomanic episode may experience similar symptoms to those of a manic episode, but their functioning won't be markedly impaired. 

Some people with bipolar-type disorder also experience depressive episodes.


While the exact cause of bipolar disorder remains unclear, genetics is believed to play a major role. Other contributing factors include abnormalities in a person’s brain circuitry, irregularities in neurotransmitters, and environmental factors such as childhood trauma or abuse. 

Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder

Trained healthcare professionals, including psychologists and psychiatrists, will be able to identify individuals with Biplolar Disorder.  


Medications used include mood stabilizers, antipsychotic medications and antidepressants. 


Researches show mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy can help. 


Although the symptoms can be frightening, bipolar-type disorders are manageable and treatable with the proper support. 

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