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What causes addiction?-

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People engage in potentially addictive activities to feel pleasure, and over time, the reinforcing effect of these activities may change brain chemistry to create an unconscious drive to continue the behavior. 

Multiple factors influence this process, including genetics, diet, mental health, past traumas, pain, stress, and stage of life.

Behavioral Addiction

A behavioral addiction occurs when a pleasurable activity changes the brain and drives a person to engage compulsively in the activity despite harmful consequences. People can become addicted to activities like gambling, gaming, shopping, pornography, and even exercise. In some cases, people can experience withdrawal when they stop the behavior.


An intervention is one of several strategies used to persuade an addicted person to get help for their addiction. Interventions are an organized attempt by family members or friends to confront a loved one about how their addictive behavior has affected them. Although commonly used, data on their effectiveness is lacking.

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