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It’s the deep desire of every parent wanting their children to be responsible, motivated, intelligent, creative and possess many other good qualities.

Parents expect nothing big from children; they just want them to do well in life.....but most of the time children have ambitions of their own, as a result, have an aversion towards what parents expect from them.....children don't understand that such a dream of the parents is for their own good.....

Unfortunately, these expectations from parents lead to strained relationships with children. As the expectation grows bigger, the relationship gap with children increases. Eventually, making it difficult to bring up the child. !

Today's children struggle with many things such as lack of interest in studies, low self-esteem, fear of failure, gadget addiction, poor spoken skills, unexplained anxiety, anger, stress, etc.,. As parents, what best can be done at this juncture to overcome all the challenges? 

It is extremely important to know about the children's world - their interests, how they are doing academically, and their friends. For, parents need to spend time with them. Every parent should feel happy and satisfied about their children. It is a challenging and difficult journey as a parent. But, it's really worth it!

Wonderful Exercise: 

If you are a parent struggling to strengthen your relationship with your children or struggling to help them to be better in their lives, try following one of the most powerful 'techniques'.

It is called 'Building Relationship Foundation'. Every day before going to bed, hug, kiss, and say 'I love you my dear' to your baby. In return, most of the time your kids will try to hug and kiss you and say 'Love you, mom, love you, dad'. It takes less than a minute to do this. 

But, it creates a deeper bond between you and your children. It activates happy hormones in your babies and in you!

It has the power to reduce stress.  It calms the mind. 

This is the first step to a healthy relationship between you and your children!

- Jaleesh Rahman, Parent Coach.

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