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Decoding ‘Introverted’ child? -

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Most parents want their children to be ‘Extroverts’, although they would have been born ‘Introverts’.

Even teachers want their children to go out, speak out, socialize ........    

They give it all that they have in them to make their child/ children ‘Extroverts’.  

Extroverts are highly celebrated in our Indian society. On the contrary, we actually need an equal number of ‘Introverts’, who though look shy, and withdrawn, are extremely good at making crucial decisions.

Ririi Trivedi, a popular Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach says, Introverted kids, do not make many friends. They have only a few good friends. Largely they spend time in solitude reading books, playing music, doing artwork, and playing games aloof. They find it difficult to make friends and get drained out when they are in a big group. This actually is not bad. This is how they are made up of or inherent in them. In contrast, they are highly Innovative, Creative, and Reflective. They live in their own world.

An introverted child doesn’t like to be the center of attraction, unwilling to be appreciated in front of unknown kids. So, it is highly important to appreciate the child one-on-one or appreciated in front of a group he/she is familiar with.

Other traits of an Introvert child are that they think a lot before they reply. They reflect a lot and choose the appropriate words to reply to. It is not a problem at all. In fact, it is actually good.  On the other hand, extroverted kids reply impulsively. 

Yet another characteristic of an Introvert is they would show a ‘Dual Personality’- talk vagarious among their known group of persons. Once they are gone, the child shuts down in their shell. All that parents/teachers need to make sure of is the confidence level of the child, do they reflect a good point of view, and have good self-esteem. 

Further, introverted kids are Good Listeners, Observers, and pay attention to things without interruption. They can study/work alone for a long period of time with good concentration. 

Finally, it is important for parents/teachers to accept the child who they are and respect their inherent traits and build the individual into healthy beings.      

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