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Emotional triggering (abuse) no good for childs growth! -

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Today, every parent has become extremely competitive the way they bring up their children.   

In pursuit of helping their child, they tend to do more emotional damage to the child.   

They don’t allow them to enjoy their childhood in a relaxed manner. 

Several parents think that their child would do better if they happen to trigger them emotionally – rather end up abusing them emotionally. 

No child can be made to study or get better by blaming, naming, shaming, humiliating, constantly criticising, punishing or threatening.

For a child to do better the child needs to be motivated or inspired. Betterment cannot happen if you are continuously emotionally abusing the child. 

Emotionally abusing doesn’t make the child strong emotionally, creative or tough.  

When there is constant abuse the child becomes angry, rebellious, hopeless, helpless or shuts down completely.

If you, parents really want to see your child to do better, recognize your abusing patterns immediately. 

These emotional abuses may lead to suicides or mental health issues in the child. 

The moment you stop this emotional abuse the child will start to do better.  

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