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Simple tips to prevent suicides in children !!-

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Today suicides among students and youths have become rampant across the state and the country. It certainly can be prevented through shrewd identification of certain revealing symptoms during early childhood.     

Though every child seems to be normal at the time of birth, they are likely to be born with some sort of disadvantage/ deformity like Bipolar, Unipolar,  Attention Seeking Syndrome (ASS), ADHD, Abnormal Psychology, Poor Cognitive Development, Phobias, Anxieties, Autism, Dyslexia, and Learning Disorders. 

As the child grows up, some of these traits may flare up leading to strange behavior patterns like Self-Isolation, Hurting Oneself, Being Sad  (Melancholy), Suicidal, and Becoming Introverts or Extroverts........    

The problem is that most parents go clueless about this. 

Initially, as the child goes through the schooling process some of the above-mentioned issues settle down, but few start to show up prominently.   

The real process of schooling is phenomenal when handled by teaching experts. 

They would be able to identify these critical problems and work on countermeasures to overcome the shortcoming. But, in some extreme cases, the teacher needs to take a prudent step of alerting the parents about the child’s shortcomings and encourage them to seek immediate professional medical help. 

This simple action would save the life of several children who are prone to suicidal tendencies. 

Then, at home, the parents need to show more ‘Love’ and ‘Avoid Harsh Parenting Style’. That doesn’t mean parents need to be too friendly with children. But, instead, spend lot of time talking to them - sharing some of their wisdom and knowledge patiently.

It’s important for parents to know ‘how’ and ‘when’ to draw boundaries for their children. 

To add, parents need to strongly instill in the minds of the children that there is ‘Always Hope’ – even when everything is lost. Both- in ‘school’ as well as in ‘life’. 

A trickle of ‘Hope’ can move mountains.     

Through love, it would be possible for children to open up and talk out their minds. However, harsh parenting will only lead to worst results.  

An open talk with the children will enable the parents to understand the underlying emotions of the children. In turn, this will help the parents easily identify any danger signs in the children and seek the right medical intervention at the appropriate time, if needed. 

Another important thing that every child needs to know strongly is that even when ‘everything is lost, parents would be there beside them, through any thick or thin’   

To cite a good case point: if children show too much of an indication of ‘Attention Seeking Syndrome’ or 'Self Pity’, then they are likely to take extreme steps. This is just a 'Red Flag’ for parents to be cautious and accordingly approach the child with prudence.  

Timely detection of trivial or grave issues in a child’s mind is highly important in this endeavor.  

Surely, precious little lives that too deserve to live longer could be saved through timely detection as well as proper intervention. 

Suicides can be prevented!   

(This article is verified by a Paediatric Medical Doctor) 

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