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Consequences of strict parenting!-

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Parenting, especially when aiming for excellence, requires effort and thoughtful techniques. 

Some parents adopt overly strict approaches, emphasizing control and obedience. 

However, such parenting can lead to behavioral problems and mental health issues in children. 

Research shows a correlation between authoritarian parenting and anxiety or depression. Overly strict parenting may result in low self-esteem, hinder social and emotional development, and contribute to mental health problems. 

It can also lead to rebellious behavior in teenagers and perpetuate a cycle of strict parenting through generations. 

Strict parenting may impact children's self-esteem, foster a need for external validation, reduce empathy, strain relationships, prompt emotional avoidance, and contribute to depression and anxiety.

Experts advise a balanced approach that combines discipline with emotional support, encouragement, and open communication to foster a healthy and thriving environment for children.

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