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Recently a person told me about event management. Is it possible for me to do well if I choose this field?- 23-Jan-2009

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Event Management is one of the developing fields of 21st century.  Today each event is conducted enchantingly and spectacularly.  This was not so in the earlier period. To witness conferences organized by the political party is highly inspiring.  These days every thing must be done marvelously on a larger scale.  All the programmes are recorded and telecast within a few days. So, the number of television viewers are greater than the direct viewers. Arranging and managing Award winning ceremony or any other important function to be viewed directly or through television is called Event Management.  We have seen people casually handling mega event or other important functions without any proper training or education. However, Event Management helps a person to organize the show impressively by paying attention to minute details.  Event Management has become obligatory in programmes like marriage, birthday celebrations, institutional conferences, seminars, symposium and functions concerning launching of new products.  Event Managers rub shoulder to shoulder with prominent personalities and leading dignitaries.  When the producers of mega events approach the event management institution, the institution first provides them with project report and a blue print with details like, what the budget would be, time duration and the aspects needed to be incorporated etc. The project can be executed only after confirmation.To enter the field of  Event management a few fundamental skills are required:

  • Attribute to host
  • Convincing and humorous talk
  • Highly socializing
  • Sound knowledge on marketing trade
  • Logistics skill
  • Skill to coordinate
  • Capacity to handle untoward incidents smoothly
  • Skill to analyze, to work with precision, handle problems

Event Management studies are offered as Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma courses.  They are usually conducted as a regular course in metro cities like Mumbai, Culcutta, and Delhi.

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