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Tamil through online - 29-Dec-2009

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Tamil Virtual University provides an excellent opportunity to learn the Tamil language through online mode without much difficulty. 

This university provides some rare information to understand more about the Tamil history, literature, art and culture. This university was started in the year 2001. Apart from being handy to Tamils living in foreign countries, it is also useful to people belonging to diverse sectors like students, teachers, experts and scholars.

It carries out various activities like teaching Tamil, providing books to all the students through e-library, converting the ancient manuscripts into digital format, releasing dictionaries and glossaries, makes available the Tamil culture and traditions in written and video format and producing CDs to promote Tamil.

Through online, this University offers courses from the primer level to research level.  Certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma, Under Graduate studies, Post Graduate studies are offered in Tamil. It involves Primer level of education that helps toddlers to study lessons interestingly and joyfully through songs, pictures and animations. 

Certificate course is offered at three levels like Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. On completion of this course would attain knowledge equivalent to sixth standard in Tamil Nadu.

Higher certificate education comprises of three levels. Persons completing this higher certificate education can obtain Tamil knowledge equivalent to 12th standard, which leads on to UG degree course.

Apart from this, the university also offers 3-year B.A, Tamil, which has no age restrictions. There are 36 centres in various parts of the world, which can be made available for contact classes and examinations.  

Speaking to Kalvimalar reporter, the Tamil Virtual University, Director Nakeeran told:

Anyone can access the lessons for the courses offered by this university and develop their Tamil knowledge, which is freely available on the University website.  So far, nearly 7 thousand student have registered in the University website Presently, through a novel innovative method the Tamil language is taught through English. Arrangements are made to teach Tamil through languages like French and Spanish.

All ancient literatures have been scanned and about 25 thousand ancient leaf - manuscripts are available in digital format. The university has so far released 6 editions of glossaries. Subsequently, nearly 2.5 lakh technical terms in Tamil could be learned through the University website. Apart from this, the e-library incorporates ancient literatures, 20th century literatures, Tamil epics, religious literatures, minor literary works in Tamil and moral books.

Tamil art forms that reveals Tamil culture like dances, Karagam, Oyilattam, Kavadi, Kummi, Therukoothu, etc; Tamil games like Jallikattu, Silambam, Pallankuzhi, Thayam ( dice), Seval Sandai, and Pamparam; historical places like Mamallpuram, Kanyakumari, and Chithanavasal can be viewed and understood as video format in the University website.  Apart from this, the Tamil Virtual University is involved in developing specialized glossaries, told director Nakeeran.  

In addition to teaching Tamil, the university involves in providing various information about Tamil Nadu, Tamils, and Tamil language, which could be accessed by anybody from any part of the globe. However, it is a sad note that there is not enough awareness among the public about the university that is involved in such colossal tasks. 

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