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Which is the apt study for a bright future?- 12-Mar-2009

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Keep it in mind that your skills are more important than your qualification in the present days scenario.

Anyway, we will provide you here with information about the Ten top jobs which are considered to be the best  in the present setting.

The Indian economy has shown remarkable achievement in the past 17 years.
In spite of the doubts and fears raised by the politicians about globalization
and our own observations of its dreadful consequences here and there, it has been a real boon to the youngsters today as it provides good job opportunities and as it has changed the data of economical growth.

The  growth in economy has reduced the allotment to various departments of the Government. 

In such circumstances, our skills become the vehicle to take us forward. Many new job opportunities are created and stipulations are made to provide employment for all. The basic skills in English and Computer are quite useful for this.
The following fields show signs of good job opportunities in the next few years.


This is one of the fastest growing sectors in India.
The private organizations that show a significant growth in this sector, alone will demand nearly 2000 pilots by 2010.  In addition to this, there is going to be numerous job opportunities in the related areas,  approximately to the tune of 10,000 vacancies.  We know only about the profession of the pilot. But, are you aware of the other opportunities available in this field?

Air traffic controller,
Maintenance of Passenger and cargo Aircraft
General administration
Public Relation

The policies of liberalization have encouraged the other countries to invest nearly 1000 crores in this sector   Moreover, there is plethora of opportunities in big shopping malls.

Manufacturing Engineering
As many engineers choose IT rather than Manufacturing Engineering, there is a great demand for engineers in this field.  Nearly 50000 engineers are absorbed in IT every year.  Within the next few years, a red carpet welcome lies ahead for the engineers with good communicative skills.
Banking Insurance
In the year 2006, 2007 and 2008 this rapidly growing sector provided a large number of job opportunities.  These jobs can be obtained by persons who have finished MBA, especially Finance related studies.
The field that experiences a mammoth growth of 70% every year is Telecom.   It is calculated that the number of skilled persons joining is 10% less than what is required.
If you possess good knowledge in English, Tamil, another language and an aptitude to thrive, it will take you to great heighs within few years.
Department of Food and Beverages
This Department contains job opportunities like Food Beverages Manager, Housekeeping Executive, Restaurant Manager, Front office, Book keeping, House Keeping and Dietetics.  This Department is growing along with the growing Indian economy due to globalization Hence in the next few years, there will be a  great demand .for those who have completed this professional course.
This Department provides job opportunities like Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Travel Consultancy and Transport Management.
Other fields
Animation, Geology, Nano Technology, Microbiology, Bio Technology, Languages

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