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Brief me about Psychotherapy course. Is it advisable to take up this course?- 13-Mar-2009

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It is one of the important branches of Psychology. Psychotherapy helps to understand both the emotional and psychological problems of persons who suffer.  Those who suffer because of these problems can be restored to mental health through Psychotherapy.

It also helps the individual to correct his/her mannerism and life-style and change him/her into a normal person. The Psychotherapist helps us to change our thinking mode.

After completing the Degree course in Psychology, you can do this as a special subject in PG Psychology.  After Postgraduation also,  you can do Psychotherapy. A Psychiatrist must be a doctor who has completed MBBS. But a Psychotherapist can be a person who has completed a course in Psychology.
Clinical Psychology and Industrial Psychology are two other fields of this course.  Apart from these, there is Arts Psychotherapy that deals with ailments through Graphics/ pictures.

Those who are sympathetic and helpful to others can pursue this course. We ought to mention now that many expect Psychotherapists to be near them. Such a demand is there for the Psychotherapists.

This course is available in the University of Mumbai, Nimhans (Bangalore) and at Annamalai University.

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