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Brief me about Bio-Informatics Studies offered by IBAB of Bangalore. - 21-Mar-2009

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The Government of Karnataka and ICICI Bank jointly operate this Bio-Informatics educational Institution,  the Institute of Bio-Informatics and Applied Bio- Technology.   This institution offers four types of courses. 

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Bio- Informatics -18 months course.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Chemi-Informatics-18 months course.
  • Certificate/ Diploma in Biotechnology-8/14 months
  • Advanced Diploma in Organic Synthesis-9 months

These courses commence in November.

Those who have obtained a degree in Life Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Pharmacy, Medicine, Agriculture and Veterinary, can join the first PG Diploma course.

Students with Chemistry, UG/PG in Pharmacy, B.E/BTech in Chemical Engineering can join the second course.

Students who have done M.Sc Life Sciences, B.Tech in Bio-Technology, and MBBS can join the fourth course, but only through the entrance examination.  This examination will be held on 14 September at Chennai, Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi.

For further details-
The Institute of Bio-Informatics and Advanced Bio-Technology.
G5. Tech Park Mahal, ITPB.
White field Road,
Bangalore - 560 066.

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