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I am a commerce graduate and I like to know about course in public policy and management and institute offering theses courses and also career prospects- 17-Feb-2008

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A Master of Public Policy and management provides a set of core skills in policy analysis, program evaluation, management, and politics that are valuable in many settings -- from national, state, and local government to "think tanks," consulting firms, community-action groups, and direct-service providers -- not only in India, but also around the world. Compared to public administration programs, the scope of the Master of Public Policy and management training prepares students for a broader range of careers inside and outside government.

The purpose of this course is to provide an analytical framework for understanding public policy and management in a variety of historical and comparative contexts. It will give you the means to make your own judgements about appropriate ways to make public policy and organise and deliver public services.

The Public Policy and Management program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for professionals working in both the public and private sectors. These include social and general administration, local economic development, tourism and recreation, transport and town planning, public private partnership, housing, criminal justice and health care

This program will help student to develop student's understanding of wide range of public and voluntary sector policy and management issues. It will also enable student to develop skills and knowledge relevant to careers involving partnerships between public, private and voluntary sectors. Student will investigate the economic, social and political forces which influence public policy and give rise to conflicts between achievement of economic, environmental and social objectives. In addition to the policy and management issues facing the public sector, student will also focus on its relationship with the private and voluntary sectors. Considerable emphasis is also given to understanding public policy implications for urban and rural life.

Graduates of Public Policy and management have a wide range of opportunities in public and private sectors and also into post graduate research. Graduates of this program are employed in variety of areas as graduate management, graduate management trainee, children's planning officer, recruitment manager, policy and planning officer, finance and commercial managers, graduate trainees, business analyst etc.

Also Successful civil servants, NGO workers, politicians and their advisers all need to have a wide range of skills and knowledge to equip them to meet the ever-changing challenges of public policy and management. This includes the evolving interface between public agencies and the private and voluntary sector.

Post graduate programme in Public Policy and management is offered in Indian institute of management Bangalore Bangalore -76

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