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I want to join the field of Aviation. Please brief me about this.- 2-May-2009

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The field of Aviation is connected to Aircraft and the study consists of a wide range of subjects like Flying Operation, Aircraft Maintenance,  Aircraft convolutions, Air Traffic Management, Passenger Safety, Regulatory policies and Economic policies related to the Airport.

Those who are interested in Aviation jobs in government service or Aviation regulatory Service, Aviation Consultancy can do Aviation Studies in excellent institutions. Numerous  opportunities are in store for the students of Aviation Studies due to globalization, liberalization and privatization.

Aviation Studies are concerned with the following areas:
  • Airline customers back-office Service
  • Jobs Concerning Customers Approach
  • Basic services in Aircraft travelling
  • Aircraft Management
  • Marketing and Administration of Cargo
  • Handling of easily damageable Commodity
  • Reservation and Cancellation of Tickets
  • Regulation of Air traffic
  • Customer relationship
  • Cargo Booking
  • Advices related to Ground and Flight activities
  • Cockpit Administration
  • Aerodynamics
  • Methods of Controlling Advance Navigation
  • Multi Engine Flight Instruction
  • Coordination of Ground-Pilot control
  • Flight Safety
  • General Aviation Administration
  • Weather Monitoring

As far as India is concerned, this field is fast growing. There are plenty of opportunities  for the students who have done Aviation Studies from the government and private institutions like the Indian Airlines, King Fisher, Fly Well Aviation, Deccan Airlines, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Sam Aviation Private Limited and Transasian Aviation.

There are job opportunities in Aviation Engineering, Aviation Maintenance, Avionics, Cargo Management and Air Hostess services. Those who study this course get chances to serve abroad also.

Numerous job opportunities are available in organizations like Sukoy , Lufthansa,  Tim Corp. International, Landmark Aviation, Richmore Aviation  Deal Group and so on. Lots of scope are available in the divisions such as Aircraft maintenance, Management of Aircraft employees, Quality Control,  Cargo management, Aviation Logistics Support.

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