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Dear sir I am doing my B.A. History I am interested to know about Anthropology and career prospects?- 17-Feb-2008

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Anthropology is a science, which studies the origin and the physical, social, and cultural development and behavior of mankind. It encompasses the study of the origin of human species as well as its cultural and social structures. Besides, Anthropology also studies the evolution of man at different ages as well as the physical and cultural diversity among humans, living at the same period of time, at various parts of the world in diverse environments

Anthropology is also involves the comparative study of human similarities and differences. It includes the biological and cultural history of the human species over the last four million years, the cultural patterns of people from around the world down to even those who happen to live next door to you, and the techniques and ideas people have used both to exploit and protect natural resources and the environment. 

There are three main areas of employment for an Anthropologist, i.e., teaching, research and working in museums. Research jobs are available in organizations like Archaeological Survey of India, the Planning Commission as well as international organizations like the United Nation's UNESCO or UNICEF also require their services.

Moreover, openings are also available for socio-cultural anthropologists with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who seek their expertise in understanding of relations between industry and society.

Cultural anthropologists are particularly well suited to work in professions involving people, such as teaching, law, medicine, social work, and journalism. Archaeology majors may become cultural resource management specialists.

Museums are yet another potent source of employment. Many organizations like the ICMR, WHO and the Police Department also offer employment to anthropologists for the purpose of crime detection

A section of the students may possibly opt for anthropologically oriented research to provide better service delivery or to assess social issues and social problems, such as in public health, education, urban planning, social welfare, and government planning, international development.

Unfortunately, Anthropology as a field of study still remains among one of the lesser known and less popular subjects. Mankind has yet to explore its full potential.

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