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Does the field of Legal Outsourcing have good opportunities in the future?- 12-May-2009

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Yes.  It has a bright future.  Right now multinational companies offer job opportunities.  In addition to this, there are opportunities like, Attorney at law, Solo Attorney, in Legal Publishing Institutions, Multinational Legal Organizations and Research Institutions.

Now a large quantity of legal operations is outsourced to India because India has a large number of talented population. Moreover, it has an extensive number of people speaking English more than any country in Asia. Persons completing law degree are also many.  More than anything, the salary in India for such jobs is also very low.  This course also requires to be updated soon.

The pre-requisite condition for this field is to be an expert lawyer.  He must have a good capacity to write and understand English and must be prepared for hard work. By 2015, it is estimated that nearly 80,000 persons will be involved in Legal Outsourcing operations.

At present,  the legal studies in India is not completely fit for outsourcing. It is believed that Legal Writing or Legal Explanation is also not upto the standard. It is also realized that Law of England and America must be included as a part in our countrys law studies.

If these are implemented,  one can easily earn upto five lakhs sitting at home.  Legal Outsourcing Organizations have already started to function in this field now.

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