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Desirous to become an IAS? - (Part - XII)-

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I told you in the previous section that I would talk about a few young achievers. We shall see first, Alexander the Great who at a very young age conquered the whole world. He died at the age of 33 in 323 BC.

Joan of Arc, the noted French rebel was a source of great inspiration to the French soldiers who defeated the aliens encouraged by her.  She was just 19 when she was killed by the German Army.  Swami Vivekananda is a good example from India. With his eloquent rhetoric he carried the Hindu religion all around the world and died at the age of 39.
Likewise, some at a very early age would have  accomplished their goals. Christopher Columbus, an Italian navigator started his sea journey westwards in the Atlantic Ocean on 3rd August in the year 1492. He discovered land on 12th October 1492, which was later called as ‘America’.Columbus took just 71 days to discover America

The trait that makes them exceptional from others is the impetus to accomplish something.  Success is definite if you possess all the attributes like hard work with meticulous planning, willpower, capacity to sustain and the fortitude not to withdraw from the effort. It is a great accomplishment, if you are selected for Indian Police Services on the successful completion of Civil Services exams. This achievement can be done at a very young age. It is good enough to work hard for one year towards this.
A well-planned attempt with complete dedication for one year will make it possible to achieve your childhood dream. You can enter into the new sphere of IPS officers, which is full of challenges and great responsibilities. You get an opportunity to lead thousands of armed men and women officers.

Now, I wish to point out the duties of IAS officers. The IAS position, called as the Indian Administrative Service is superior to other Civil Services positions. The Indian Foreign Service alone can be said to be better than IAS responsibilities.   

The IAS officers are appointed as the District Collector, who is the top administrative official of the District.  The Secretaries appointed in the State and Central Governments are also IAS Officers. When he is appointed as the Secretary of a Department, he gets all the administrative rights associated to the division.  It is a highly responsible position. Only if the officers in this responsible position function prudently, the Government would get a good name from the people.     

The salary and positional hike I are more rapid than the other Civil Service jobs. The IAS officer has the right to guide the other Civil Service officers also. The IFS officers are an exception.

In the next article, I shall continue to discuss the duties of the IAS officers.

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