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Are there job opportunities if you study Merchant Navy?- 16-Jun-2009

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Who will not like to go round the world?  More than that who will loathe to roam about in a ship with the cool, beautiful blue seas surrounding you?  To receive an attractive salary to roam about thus is possible only in the Merchant Navy jobs.

Merchant Navy refers to the Tanker, Cargo with million tons of capacity and passenger ships.  Navy is related to Defence Services.  But,  Mercahnt Navy indicates the ship traffic for commercial purposes. The organizations conducting Merchant Navy appoint skillful ship employees.  The Merchant Navy organizations in India are Shipping Corporation of India, Great Eastern Shipping, Essar and Chowgule Shipping.  In the International level, organizations like Chevron, Mobil of USA,  Wallem Ship Management , Hongkong, Denholm of Great Britain and a few Norway companies carry on the Merchant Navy business.  In the international trade, the Merchant Navy alone plays an important role.

In this field, recruitment is done for 3 important jobs.  There is in demand a number of personnels for the Upper Deck, Engine Room and Service Section.  The Captain, Chief Officer,  the Second and the Third Officers and other officers are required for the Deck jobs.  They help to guide the ship voyage, protect the passengers and the cargo.  In the Engine section, Chief Engineer, Radio Officer, Electrical Officer and the Junior Engineer assist.  Service personnel serve in the Service Section such as laundry, kitchen and medical unit.

Initially, a person can earn upto Rs. 20,000/-.  In the Merchnat Navy a person receives perks like, free food, lodging, leave with salary,  free travel charges and other allowances for the family.  Apart from these, bonus and holiday allowance are also given. An additional information is that this income is not taxed.

Those who are studying B.Sc. Nautical Science, B.E. Marine Engineering, and Catering Science can apply for the Merchant Navy jobs.

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