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Is it possible to study in Hong Kong? Please tell me about this.- 16-Jun-2009

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China has taken all possible efforts with fervor to eradicate illiteracy and has seen great success. The standard of Education in China has gone very high in the last ten years.   It is possible to study in Hong Kong, a small part of China   Hong Kong that consists of 1075 square kilometre, has eight universities sponsored by the Government and several other institutions.  There are prominent universities in Hong Kong and among them, Hong Kong University has the reputation of 100 years of service.  The first step for a foreigner is to obtain Visa.  Information regarding Visa can be had from the Embassy of China.  However, it is difficult for one to get hostel accommodation.  A small write-up explaining  why you choose to study at Hong Kong is essential.  Moreover an Evaluation report stating that how you have studied from the beginning,  how many years you have studied and how clever you are in communicative skills, must be produced.  Marks obtained in TOFEL/IELTS will help you to judge your knowledge in English.  Nearly Rs1000/- will be charged for an application form. Curriculum fee will be Rs 5 lakhs per year, and for the Postgraduation course the fee will be Rs 8 lakhs per year.

In todays globalization scenario, when foreigners prefer to come to India for higher education, is it necessary to go to Hong Kong for higher studies? Before you decide, you have to analyze your economic strength.

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