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Desirous to become an IAS? ( Part - XIII)-

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Duties of the IAS officers – continues…

The IAS officer who is the Secretary to Home Department has the responsibility to guide the IPS officers.  The Secretary to the Finance Department is the head of all the Revenue officers of the Government. 

Because of this, many candidates who successfully pass in the examinations prefer to take up IAS jobs. To carry out the duties of the Governor, IAS officers are mostly preferred than others. It is mandatory that one of the Indian Chief election commissioners must be an IAS officer. Chief vigilance officer is also an IAS officer. To be brief, apart from being in a good position,  the job of an IAS officer provides rich scope to function in diverse responsibilities.An IAS officer receives more credit than those in other jobs. Therefore, your desire must be IAS first. 

Now, let me tell you about the duties of the IPS Officers. The Indian Police service helps to attain a very high position at a very young age in the police department. I was just 29, when I took up the headship of the Dindigul District’s Police Department. At that very young age, I got an opportunity to guide 1500 police personnels and officers of the district. It is impossible to attain such a high eminence directly anywhere at a very young age. Such a scope is not available in the Police Departments of other nations in the world. Even in countries like UK and USA,  it is only possible to reach higher positions after many years of hard work in the last division as constable.

The IPS officers are appointed as the Chief Officer of the State Police Department i.e The Director General of Police.Some of the recent accomplished DGP officers are Julio Rebeiro in Maharashtra and Punjab States, K.P.S Gill in Punjab, Walter Isaac Devaram in Tamil Nadu, R.P Singh in Delhi, Kanchan Chowdury Bhattacharya in Uttar Pradesh. IPS officers can become the head of the para-military forces like Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Border Security Force (BSF), Indo-Tibetan Border Police, National Security Guards (NSG) and Special Protection Group (SPG). The DGP of Border Security Force can be in charge of 1 lakh 80 thousand officers and personnels. The DGP of Tamilnadu manages 80, 977 officers and personnels. 

Imagine the authority and the accountability of the person in such a position.

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