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PG Diploma in Osmania University-

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Applications are invited for the admission to Post graduate Diploma at Osmania university.


P.G. Diploma in Archival Science & Manuscriptology, P.G. Diploma in Functional Hindi & Translation,  P.G. Diploma in Translation in Arabic,  P.G. Diploma in Museology, P.G.Diploma in Child Psychology and Family Relations,  P.G.Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology, P.G.Diploma in Early Intervention, P.G.Diploma in Digital Information System, P.G. Diploma in Psychological Counseling, P.G.Diploma in International Business Trade, P.G.Diploma in Taxation, P.G.Diploma in Early Childhood Education, P.G.Diploma in Geographical Cartography, P.G.Diploma in Nutrition & Dietics, P.G.Diploma in Geoinformatics for Earth Sciences, P.G.Diploma in Post M.Sc Diploma in Radiological Physics, P.G.Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology, P.G.Diploma in Cardiac Medical Lab. Technology, P.G.Diploma in Cardiac Pulmonary Physiotherapy, P.G.Diploma in Echo Cardiography & Synography, P.G.Diploma in Cath Lab Technology, P.G.Diploma in Perfusion Technology, P.G.Diploma in Cardiac Anesthesia Technology, P.G.Diploma in Medical Research Assistant, Advanced P.G.Diploma in Physician Assistant, Advanced P.G.Diploma in Medical Emergency Care, Advanced P.G.Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology, Advanced P.G.Diploma in Anesthesia technology, Advanced P.G.Diploma in Dialysis Technician, Advanced P.G.Diploma in Medical Informatics, Advanced P.G.Diploma in Cardiac Technology, P.G.Diploma in Culinary Arts, P.G.Diploma in Intellectual Property Right, P.G.Diploma in Cyber Laws, P.G.Diploma in Insurance & Taxation.

Diploma Course in English For Foreign Students(D.C.E.F.S) Course

Important Dates:

Last date for submission of application form

PG Diploma: May 31, 2020

D.C.E.F.S : June 30, 2020

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