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I am eager to work in web designing. Tell me about this field and opportunities available in this field.- 3-Jul-2009

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Web designing is an excellent field that has reached an unimaginable growth after its merger with IT.

Today we see that web services are used in various segments such as Education, Public Sector, Industries, Trade and so on. Recognizing the need, designing solution, web content writing, planning web content, product photography, graphic designing, flash designing, HTML coding, Java scripting are various activities involved in the field. This is an ideal field for those who have creative skills.

Many private educational institutions in India offer Diploma studies in Web Designing. Those who are in the field of Web Designing must focus on graphic designing and layouts.  Apart from being artistic, a Web designer must also have the capacity to project it fantastically. It is important to possess excellent skills in Visual Art and Visual Designing and have a good knowledge of colours. They must also have competence to provide new designing environment. Having a degree in Computer Science would be an additional qualification to excel in web designing. Indias prominent IT training centers like Arena, Aptech and Edit provide web-designing courses.

The field of web designing has an excellent scope as the field of IT has contributed to a phenomenal growth in India. Various institutions that wish to create their own websites employ competent and adept web designers.  Numerous opportunities are available with Advertising Agencies, Book Publishers, Audiovisual Media, Design Studios, Printers, Typesetters, Manufacturers, Super Markets, Marketing Agencies, Advertising Boards, Educational Institutions and Libraries,  for persons who have completed Web Designing.

Web Designers have rich scope in big organizations like Infosys, Wipro, Smartech, Sensor, Cognizant, Harbinger and Upside Learning

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