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Please provide me with information related to the Nursing jobs in America.- 3-Jul-2009

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Here is a few information regarding Nursing in America

It is essential to complete B.Sc Nursing and Diploma in Nursing
Must have worked in a recognized hospital for a minimum of 2 years
Should have obtained certificate to work as a registered nurse.
Should have passed the CGFNS exams.
Must have passed exams like TOEFL.

When appearing for Visa interview, should have obtained Visa Screening Exam Certificate.

At present, there are private institutions in India waiting to offer services like this. It is enough if you pay, they take care of these requirements.

It is highly important to prepare yourself for the CGFNS exams from the moment you join B.Sc Nursing or Diploma in Nursing.   Right from the first year it is essential to acquire good skill in basic English, deep knowledge in the subject, wide general knowledge and knowledge in   day-to-day affairs and discoveries in the field of medicine.   Salary for nurses in countries like America is more than that of the doctors of our place.   However, it is highly essential to develop your skills accordingly to generate good scopes.   So, decide your goal and prepare accordingly. In developed nations, the field of medicine is closely associated with insurance and consumer movements.Hence, challenges are high in the job. Therefore, your success depends on how you are prepared  for it.

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