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I would like to know about career in film making and other related fields in film making and career prospects- 17-Feb-2008

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The broadest and the most varied creative opportunity in mass media are the films. The Indian film industry produces the largest number of films in the world. India produces almost 900 1000 films every year and most of the films come from Bollywood i.e. from Mumbai (Hindi) and even large numbers of films are produced in regional mostly from south India and Bengal.

Basically a Film making is a craft of teamwork that has close co-ordination of various skilled individuals. It involves acting, producing, editing, sound recording, directing, visual mixing,

It is a blend of creativity and technicality. Films are not only for entertainment and information but also for communication. Films have developed in the international market as universal art form that transcends cultural differences. Feature films, documents, news reels, promotional films, TV commercials, music videos. All these are included in film making.

 A film maker is like a captain of a ship who looks at all the aspects of film making. A real film maker is one who finds muted emotions more interesting and challenging and who can translate not only his own experience but also other people's experience into a piece of work which brings them to tears, ignite their passion and can also draw laughter.

It is like a challenge for a film maker starting from choosing a script to scheduling shoots from choosing a script to selecting actors to editing, is done by the maker himself. He has to start from the bottom and work his way up. Beginning with the raising capital to its distribution, screening as well as stages of its crafting is done by the maker. The field of film making is highly competitive. As it is said before that India produces the largest number of films every year, which has a lot of scope for employment opportunities.

This is the right field for one who has artistic and technical skills but at the same time has the ability to express ideas. Even acting and directing are creative fields that require inherent talent. Training helps to hone the skills. Professional training is essential in areas like cinematography, sound engineering and editing.

There are several universities that offer training in these areas. The pioneer institute in this line is FTII, Pune i.e. film and television institute of India, and in Tamil Nadu we have Film and Television institute of Tamil Nadu , Chennai

The best way to begin in this field is to join any of the recognised film institutes and after that by working in production department of a film company. So that you may get a lot to learn by assisting the director and this way through becoming a director or a producer. This is a highly competitive field where one has to put maximum effort to remain at the same place from where he started. One can get jobs in production companies, film studio, processing laboratories and government departments of films etc.

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