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Desirous to become an IAS? ( Part - XIV)-

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Let me tell you a story about the attainment that a police officer can achieve. 

This is an incident that happened during the beginning of 18th century. A dreadful dacoit gang had spread out across the entire nation at that time. The gang was carrying out robbery for hundreds of years and was responsible for the loss of many lives too. They would divide themselves into groups of 50 and 100 and join the highway travelers.  At the exact moment the gang would bounce at them and strangle them with the piece of cloth.  They would take away their valuable possessions and bury them in the graveyards on the way.   

There were also independent dacoits who had individually killed more than 100 innocent lives. Major Sir William Harry Sleeman put an end to this. Although he was a foreigner, he changed the northern and central region of India into safe zone for travelers. The simplest method he handled to wipe out the dacoits was to kill them by shooting. 

I will tell you about the precarious problem encountered by the IPS officers in the present scenario and the means to tackle them. The IPS jobs provide opportunities to accomplish amazing feats. The IPS officers only led the Police Force that wrestled against the riots in North Eastern region, terrorist attacks in Kashmir, Naxalite problems in Andhra Pradesh and the recent communal clashes in Gujarat.

The retired DGP Mr. Davaram, during his service, completely eradicated the naxalite problem through relentless encounters. He stood in the forefront and guided the Police Department. It is really difficult to find out anyone equal to him in the Indian Police Department. Mr. Davaram, DGP received the President’s medal for the meritorious services rendered by him.

The first Indian woman IPS officer is Ms. Kiran Bedi.  She transformed lives of the prisoners at Tihar Jail. For this stupendous service, she was conferred the Raman Magsaysay award. Further, the United Nations, in appreciation of her service, selected her to serve in many of its peace commissions.  She is an excellent example for every Indian woman.

K.P.S Gill who eliminated terrorism in Punjab with grit and courage, is applauded as a great hero. The forest brigand Veerappan was a source of disaster in the expanse of 16 thousands sq kilometer of Western Ghat for 20 years. He had murdered more than 120 forest officials and police personnels. By shooting him to death, Mr. Vijaykumar IPS is considered as an officer with meticulous planning and exemplary action. I was also a member in the Special Task Force   formed to apprehend Veerappan.

I will give you a few more details regarding this in the next section.

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