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Tell about job opportunities found in Market Research, in India?- 1-Jun-2010

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Market Research is a division of management studies. Globalization has brought more attention to this segment. Job opportunities are always on the rise, as this is an emerging segment. Market Research finalizes the product brand to the manufactures depending on the consumers desire such as shape, taste, aroma, fragrance, packing, weight.

Market research helps to take important decisions like distribution. Market research is not restricted only to manufacturing or production, instead extends to the pre-election opinions conducted prior to the actual elections. For TV medias, it helps to find out the favourite programme among the public.

The following activities are involved:
  • Research work
  • Field work
  • Research and compilation work.

Person having completed MBA- Marketing Management and PG Diploma carry out this research activities. Their capacity is to frame questions in such a way that they get the required information from the consumers. 

Through careful analysis persons carrying out research and compilation work, define the results from the obtained data. Persons having completed Post Graduation in Sociology or Physiology are equipped do these activities.  

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