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Want our students to be 'job providers, not job seekers': Sisodia- 5-Mar-2021

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New Delhi: Introduction of an MBA course in 'Family Business and Entrepreneurship' at Delhi Technological University will enhance businesses not just in the city but in the entire country, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Thursday.
During his visit to DTU, he said that a course like 'Family Business and Entrepreneurship' would empower students to become "job providers, not job seekers", and enable them to both enhance their own family businesses or start a new business on a fresh idea.
"My dream for India is that the students who graduate from our universities should become entrepreneurs and create employment opportunities.

Our universities have equipped our students in a way that they are able to get high salaries in world renowned companies.
"But, for our nation's progress it's important that the universities equip our students with entrepreneurial skills and help them create jobs. It's my dream to see our universities become well-spring of entrepreneurs," he said.
Sisodia added that his goal was to make this course "a global brand for entrepreneurship on the lines of the Babson College in the United States".
Noting that one of the major problems caused by the pandemic was unemployment, Sisodia said that through the introduction of such programmes, DTU was aiming to mitigate problems of unemployment.
"More than 2.5 lakh students graduate from schools in Delhi, looking for jobs, but nobody thinks of becoming a job provider.
"Professional universities of developed countries are roping in students from all over the world to enhance their own economies. It should be the prerogative of our universities to empower students to contribute to our nation's economy," he said.
During his visit, Sisodia also inaugurated the Manthan Hall of University School of Management and Entrepreneurship at the east campus of DTU.


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