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Hybrid emerges as the most preferred learning model: HP study - 21-Jan-2022

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Chennai: The Indian education system has witnessed massive disruption due to the onset and ongoing impact of the pandemic with. With the resulting rise in online learning, how educators teach in the classroom has also changed.

The HP India Future of Learning Study 2022 found that 98% parents and 99% of teachers surveyed attribute learning continuity to online education. In fact, an overwhelming 91% of students believe that online learning supplements traditional classroom learning. 

The study found an overwhelming preference for the Hybrid learning model across students, teachers and parents and they want to continue with online learning in some form even after traditional classrooms resume.

Despite the early challenges of online learning, students find immense benefit in the autonomy and flexibility it offers. Online learning allowing students to study at a convenient pace has been the key highlight across students (61%), parents (65%) and teachers (81%).

From entertainment to learning, India has largely emerged as a video-first country. Across students (63%), teachers (57%) and parents (61%), study material in the form of video content is the most preferred format. 

Students prefer hybrid learning because they find it easier to revise their work, and helps them comprehend material more easily and deeply. They can also catch up on missed classes by watching recordings.

While teachers point out work-life balance as one of the key benefits of Online learning, 82% of teachers surveyed said they need more tools to facilitate better online learning while 74% feel that they require more training to use technology-based tools that could enhance their pedagogical skills.   

Limited social interaction has been one of the most salient impacts of Covid-19. Students are keen to go back to school to interact with their peers and participate in sports and co-curricular activities.  

Among the respondents, 75% of the teachers preferred to have easy access to printers so that they could print documents and their students’ homework.  Translating learning into an experiential learning while allowing students with a more holistic experience, students and teachers are also deploying printers as a key device that aids education. While 82% students believe that students can achieve better learning outcomes with printers. Moreover, the convenience of easily accessible notes and practice sheets are a clear standout among teachers, parents, and students.

Over 1,500 respondents comprising 207 teachers (Age: 28 – 50 years), 679 parents (Age: 30 – 60 years) and 711 students (Age: 14 – 22 years) were surveyed. Interviews were conducted across 13 cities such as Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Patna, Guwahati, Indore, Ranchi and Kochi.

HP Inc. is a technology company that believes one thoughtful idea has the power to change the world. 


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