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Sisodia takes stock of online teaching process in govt schools amid their frequent closures- 21-Jan-2022

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New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday reviewed the online teaching and learning process in Delhi government schools during their frequent closures due to COVID-19.

During his review meeting, the Delhi Dy CM was apprised by the Directorate of Education of students' attendance in offline as well as online classes besides their access to course materials and worksheets in two modes.

Sisodia was informed that through offline and online mediums, worksheets are reaching 99.2 per cent of students from KG to class 2, 99.1 per cent of students from classes 3 to 5, 94.21 per cent of students of class 6, 97.2 per cent of class 7, 98 per cent of class 8, 98.7 per cent of class 9 and 98.4 per cent of class 10. 

He was also told that 98.2 per cent of class 11 students and 98.6 per cent of class 12 are participating in online classes being organised by schools, the DoE informed.

"Due to the repetitive closures of schools during the pandemic, there has been a loss of education for the students. The health of students is very important for us but it is also important that the children's education does not stop,” Sisodia told DoE officials during the meeting.

He added, “The COVID-led pandemic has posed new challenges in front of us but the Team Education is working diligently to ensure that every child has access to education in these times." 

Delhi Education Director Himanshu Gupta said the DoE is sending worksheets to students regularly while online classes are being conducted for classes 9 to 12 at the school level. 

"Children who do not have digital devices to attend online classes are being provided printed copies of the worksheets every week by the school. The DoE sends worksheets to students of classes Nursery to 10th through WhatsApp every week, as well as projects, assignments and activity sheets to the secondary classes during the winter break. 

"We are strongly emphasising on assessment of students through innovative methods to understand their participation and learning levels,” Gupta said. 


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