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Geology is the study of the origination and physical state of solid materials like stones, rocks and soil found in Earth.

Geology also deals with Minerals found in Earth, its shape and the action on it. The important aspect of this study is that it aims at discovering the changes that occur in plants and animals, soil and buildings as time advances.

There are drastic changes on earth due to earthquake, landslide and volcanoes. By identifying these vulnerable areas, the building of important structures at those spots can be avoided.

The Geologists can easily predict and identify places that will be affected by volcanic explosion by studying the earlier volcanic lava track

The geologists, by conducting various Geo-chemical and Geo-physical tests near the shallow area of the seaside, are able to explore the potential places replete with oil and gas. They also make a study about the different types of Rock found in the coastal area. This study helps them to locate rocky surfaces from where they could get natural gas and oil.

Geology is an exciting subject to study with adequate job scope. There are ample opportunities for Geologists to work in Meteorological Department, Department of Geology, Government Institutions, Consultancy Organizations for Ecological Preservation and the University. Higher Education can also be pursued in Paleontology, Mineralogy, Hydrology and Volcanology. The Geologists can get responsible jobs such as to supervise, do research and become University Professors.

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