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Skill development is the key to career development!- 27-Sep-2022

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In today's ‘Skill Economy’ situation, a mere college education is not enough. In an effort to easily get job opportunities, it is very important to develop 'skills' in specific domains while studying.

Young graduates can greatly brighten their prospects by undergoing specialized 'skill' development training. Today, there are several opportunities for those working to upgrade their qualifications. Special 'skills' are essential not only for job opportunities but also to achieve as an entrepreneur.

Today, such 'skill' development training is offered excessively.

By developing our youths into highly skilled personnel to compete at the International level, they can easily make it through into MNCs. It is noteworthy that the Indian Central Government has created a separate Ministry for capacity building and skill development.

Technological Development:

Earlier, mostly mechanical and automotive engineers used 'design' software. If we take the manufacturing sector, though automotive is a high production unit, several companies related to it have increased in recent days. Design-oriented technology plays an important role in all of them.

Apart from manufacturing, today, 'design' is being used more in various fields including medicine. Therefore, obtaining design-related training; acquiring technical skills and knowledge in foreign languages would easily fetch good international opportunities. Mechanical engineers who are yet to be placed well can get good job offers if they acquire training in 'design'.

If we take the construction industry, earlier '2D' drawing was used. Then '3D' came into play. But, today there has been a complete shift in paradigm to a new technology called BIM -'Building Information Modeling

Accordingly, it is possible to design buildings in a simple manner that are pretty much low cost, easy to maintain, and safe from natural calamities. 3D printing technology is also growing rapidly. Training methods are also changing according to technological changes.

Salary increase: 

Although the salary of engineers is low at the early stages of their career, after 5 to 10 years of experience they can easily get multi-fold. As a result, it’s important to develop the qualifications. Every engineer at some point will move to be a 'project' manager after a certain amount of experience. If they happen to reach that position they can get paid more. They have a greater chance of progressing.

-SK Selvan, Managing Director, CADD Centre


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