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Fashion Trade plays a vital role in attracting people all over the world through Media coverage. Great demand is there both in the National and International level for the designers of Readymade garments, Seasonal wear and the latest outfits with novel designs.

The students who have completed Fashion Communication can work in sales, commercial Advertisement Agencies, Journalism and also as Public Relation Officers. The field, obviously, provides enormous job opportunities.

This course encourages the students to learn to host fashion shows, planning, computer graphics, photography and packaging.

Fashion Communication is a newly introduced exciting course, coveted by all In India too it is making a rapid progress.

Many Indian institutions have reached an equivalent level with International institutions. Hence, the demand for Fashion Designers has increased. This study converts the students into experts by promoting their knowledge and skill.

The students of Fashion Designing have scope to work in the field of Journalism, Advertising Agencies and Public Relation Institutions. The Undergraduate course of this study is offered in Symbiosis Institute of Fashion Technology at Pune and School of Fashion Technology.

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