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Dialysis Technology is a special division of study in Nephrology, related to kidney diseases.

Dialysis Technologists perform Dialysis under the direction of a Doctor. It is the responsibility of the Dialysis Technologists to maintain the equipments required for kidney treatment and repair the instruments when needed besides looking after the patients.

Dialysis treatment is for the curable and uncurable kidney affected patients. Dialysis is for the patients who are in advanced kidney problems. Otherwise, the only solution is Kidney Transplantation.

Dialysis Technologists are in charge of repairing and maintaining the equipments and must ensure their appropriate functioning. Sometimes it is likely to become their regular work. The Technologists, moreover, have to explain to the patients as well as to the relatives about the treatment they undergo and also advise them about the change of habits they must inculcate after treatment.

The students who have completed this course can become Dialysis Technologists, Haemodialysis Technicians, Renal Dialysis Technicians and Clinical Nephrologists. They can also work in Hospitals, Clinics and Dialysis Centers.

Sri Ramachandra University at Chennai offers the course, M.Sc in Renal Science and Dialysis Technology.

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