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India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world today and likely that India will play a highly significant and substantial role on the global stage by 2020.

As expected a projected growth of this magnitude will have major impact on the number and kind of career opportunities that will be available in the future.

Economic progress in a country is often driven by growth of a few specific industries, which develop at a faster pace than others. As such, career avenues and types of jobs that will be available in the future will largely be determined by these rapidly evolving industries.

By 2020 I believe that India will lead world economy, and many of the following industries such as information technology, agriculture, textiles, infrastructure etc are large even today, but I am certain that the characteristics of these industries will undergo a sea of change over the next decade, and open up several new career prospects and job opportunities. In addition to these there are numerous emerging industries including health care, animation & gaming, logistics, retail, which are in there initial growth phase currently but are expected to become major industries by 2020 and create a completely new and different stream of career options with huge job opportunities.

The future industries, which are going to have tremendous, career options by 2020

1.  Information Technology And It Enabled Services – Cloud Computing And Network Security

2. Infrastructure – Civil Engineering With Specialization In Geo Technical, Structural, Ocean Engineering, Remote Sensing, Water Resource Management And Intelligent Structure For Transport Systems

3.  Energy And Environmental Sector – Nuclear Engineering, Energy Engineering, Solar And Windmill Energy, High Voltage Engineering, Green Engineering

4. Animation & Gaming – Games Architecture And Design, Artificial Intelligence,  Advance 3d Models

5. Fashion And Textiles – Fashion Management Courses, Merchandizing

6. Pharmaceuticals - Stem Cell, Oncology

7. Health Care – Healthcare Management, Public Health Management, Hospital And Health Care Management

8. Travel And Tourism

9. Insurance – Actuarial Science

10. Logistics And Supply Chain Management

11. Retail Management

12. Agriculture And Food Processing

13. Media And Entertainment – Advertising, Event Management, Content Development

The quantum of jobs or careers that will throw up in these industries will be tremendous. Students should not choose a career not looking at the phase, which most of them do but they should choose a career looking at the future.

--Jayaprakash Gandhi


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