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Dear sir I am doing my plus two science group I would like to know more about automotive / automobile engineering and career prospects- 17-Feb-2008

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Automotive engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycles, automobiles, buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems.

This course caters to train the students to design, develop, manufacture, and repair of automobiles. The demand for automobile engineering is growing with the expansion of automobile industries and increasing demand for vehicle. With increasing concern for pollution and fuel efficiency, these engineers also set standard of qualities, for example making the vehicle very efficient to suit all countries roads and enviroment.

The field of activity of a qualified engineer in automobile engineering contains development (construction, calculation and testing), priming of work, fabrication and observation of the functionality of vehicles for street and rails.

The engineers of automobile engineering have to develop car bodies and build-ups with aggregates like engines, clutches, gears and steering. They have to design according the postulations of aerodynamics and stylistics.

Automotive engineers are employed in automotive companies as well as in many other industries that service the automotive sector and require specialized mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineering skills. Automotive engineers may find employment at major automobile, truck, bus and motorcycle companies as well as within racing teams, parts manufacturers and research and development organizations. Potential employers also include engine and gearbox manufacturers, chassis and body makers and supplier industries, as well as other transport companies.

Due to their interdisciplinary approach to applied knowledge, our graduating automotive engineers will have excellent career opportunities in the job market, both domestically and abroad.

In addition, since the program is structured on a mechanical engineering foundation, graduates will also readily find employment in companies seeking mechanical engineers.

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