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Journey into the field of animation and VFX filmmaking-

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Over the past few years, the field of animation and VFX filmmaking has grown drastically with more foreign companies outsourcing its work to India.

In an exclusive write-up to, SK. Ashish,CEO, Reliance Animation, revealed several current reality situation in the swiftly growing industry of Animation and VFX filmmaking.

To become a successful professional in the field of animation and VFX filmmaking it is of utmost importance to understand that the industry is all about the art of effective storytelling. For Animation, VFX, Comics and Gaming as an industry, the greatest assets are the people in its various techno creative departments and not the machines and software’s. Animation is all about crafting expressions by using a variety of software as tools of communication.  It’s the mind of the creative workforce that makes the tools come alive by turning celluloid dreams into reality.

Currently, Animation, VFX, Comics and Gaming industry is one of the most sought after career options amongst the youth, especially, since India has now become an outsourcing hub for international projects. The requirement for trained manpower has increased manifold. To make use of the opportunity the most important aspect that every aspiring student must aim for is to obtain customized education in the field that is internationally recognized and high on the employability scale.

But beyond all that is most important is to find out an academy that proivides strong fundamental training is offering towards complete Animation & VFX filmmaking process flow.

An integrated live action filmmaking-training program in the course curriculum will always boost the knowledge and confidence of the student towards becoming a skilled professional. As per the aptitude and liking of the student, one can choose to do specialization in any of the exiting segment of the process flow, like pre-production which includes character design, background design, color key, storyboard etc. or in the production flow like modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, animation and then from post-production one can choose editing, sound designing, visual effects, online editing etc.

Each one of the department offers excellent career opportunity. If one masters any one of the mentioned profiles, he or she will always be in demand in the industry and create a niche for themselves. Having said that, it is imperative that one must first gain the knowledge of the overall process-flow before getting into specialization as organizations value their creative workforce better if they are also capable of multitasking. 

With technological advancement becoming an order of the day the traditional softwares’ are getting regularly upgraded and integrated for both 2D and 3D animation. While it makes work much simpler, it also demands dedicated passion to master them to gain optimum output.

Knowledge source for specialised skill sets in the field is also witnessing a new trend of online education, some excellent international study materials are also available for the bright candidates through which students and even professionals can benefit for their master specialisations after they have finished their formal studies in the field. 

The employment opportunities for this field have increased manifold over the last decade. Students today can explore a successful career in not only animation and VFX studios but also in the field of advertising, gaming, live action film making, comics, designing and many more exiting media activity that they might be inclined to.

Today people spent an enormous amount of time in front of screens, be it theatre, television, mobile or computer. One can imagine the amount of quality content needed to feed these screens so that people can remain engrossed and entertained.

In this new digital era, skilled professionals who can contribute to this continuous content creation workflow will always find a great career. For the right candidate with proper skill set, sky is the limit.

Demand for fresh content will only keep increasing. Also young imaginative minds who wish to make a career in animation with skill sets in painting, music, acting, and various other performing arts will always carry an additional advantage since this medium is a convergence of every form of artistic and creative expressions. So if one is creative and has the ability to think out of the box, this will always be the most preferred profession to pursue.

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