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I am interested know about career in archaeology and also opportunities available in India in detail- 17-Feb-2008

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Archaeology is the science that studies human cultures through the recovery, documentation and analysis of material remains and environmental data, including architecture, artifacts, biofacts, human remains, and landscapes

Archaeology is the scientific study of the lives of early people based on the objects they left behind. It is the study of pre-history and history based on the examination of physical remains such as buildings, tombs, bones, tools, etc. Broadly speaking, archaeology is a multidisciplinary subject, which integrates knowledge of history and anthropology with geology, chemistry and even art.

It plays a vital role in reconstructing human history and helps us understand our cultural heritage.

Archaeology is either research or field-oriented study. Aspirants should have aptitude in art, history and culture

The scientific and systematic study of the life and culture of past especially, seals, inscriptions, monuments, edifices and other such materials that have been buried somewhere in the past is known as Archaeology. The domain area of Archaeology is more diversified and has a number of branches. The various branches of Archaeology are archives, museology, numismatics, epigraphy, etc. The person who makes use of Archaeology as a discipline is known as archaeologist. The principal activities of an archaeologist include preliminary fieldwork, excavation of sites and periodical classification of them as well as dating and interpretation of materials so excavated. Archaeologists look for information about how, where and when cultures developed.

Career prospects for archaeologists are numerous as fields in which they can be employed are diversified. Archaeologists are employed in museums, cultural centers, universities, and different departments of Government and other such related bodies. Apart from these, they are employed in different projects, which are taken by research institutions from time to time.

The Archaeological Survey of India, under the Central Government, and the Department of Archaeology in the States are the major employers providing job opportunities such as assistant archaeologists or archaeologists. Selection to the Archaeological Survey of India is through the Union Public Service Commission and to the State Departments of Archaeology by the respective State Public Service Commissions

The Archaeological Survey of India employs archaeologists at the State as well as the Central level either as assistant archaeologists who undertake activities like excavation, archaeological explorations etc., or as registration officers responsible for registering names of those who possess antiques. The vacancies for various posts keep occurring throughout the year. These are advertised in education supplements, Selection is done to these posts on the basis of written exam and interview.

After a PG diploma in Archaeology one can also seek employment through examinations conducted by Union Public Service Commission or Staff Selection Commission for the post of assistant archaeologist. One can also go on to become assistant superintendent, deputy superintendent Class I, join director and so on.

Apart from these, archaeologists can also get jobs in related industries and fields. Archaeology degree holders can also get jobs as tourist guides, heritage managers, interpreters, resource persons of trip organizers in the tourism industry. Archaeologists can take up teaching and research work after obtaining doctoral degrees.

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