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Important tips for college students-

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The biggest challenge for any college students is the increase freedom that doesn’t have a boundary especially when studying a hostel environment.  Freshers’ in college find themselves with lot of freedom with bigger boundaries not knowing where to draw their own line. 

In entering college, students experience with lot of time at hand - no specfic study times, no specific time for food, no one to tell them when to sleep or to wake up, an increase in their academic workload, a greater necessity to carry out several tasks at the same time with myriad of new social opportunities and challenges.

Here are few tips to help students develop their own internal structure and be successful in college:

Time Management: The key to success in college is managing time prudently. Many successful students have reflected that time management was their key to success.

It is very important to prepare a weekly schedule that includes time in class, studying, activities, work, meals, study and time with friends.

Being a college student is almost like having a full-time job.

Several hours of reading and preparation is necessary for every class.

Stress Management: Regular exercise, adequate rest, good nutrition, prayer or meditation are all good ways to reduce stress. Pressure and stress rises when there is no proper planning.

Planning also need to be carried out in the most practical manner. Handling too many things on a single day would certainly add on to the stress. Hence, plan in such a manner to carry out optimum number of activities in the most proper manner. Ensure a right process for everything as short cuts will not do any good on the longer run.  

Never plan too many things for a day that you need to run around all the time and making you scream at everyone. Relish everything that you plan and execute. It would last a lifetime in your memory.

Study Skills: Even some of the best high school students have difficulty to develop good study skills. Knowing how to read a textbook, take notes in class, use the library and take multiple choice tests are all areas that will help students be more successful in the classroom.

Reading is an art that requires lot of patience and needs to be learnt. If you cannot read then getting good grades is a distant target to hit. 

Money Management: It is highly important that students have experience in independently handling money, balancing a checkbook, using an ATM, reading a bank statement and learning to make responsible decisions about living on a budget.

Assertive communication: It is important that students master the ability to speak up for themselves in an assertive manner that is not aggressive or passively allowing others to take advantage of them.

Apart from being helpful in roommate communication, study groups, teams and conflict resolution, ASSERTIVE communication helps to draw lines in work place and when communicating with pals at office.

Self Care Skills: Students need to develop good practices right from college days itself.  Adequate sleep and a healthy diet can improve mood, athletic and classroom performance and coping strategies for stress.  Exercise, relaxation, and good hygiene are also important aspects of self-care.

Never compromise on health issues even like staying over the night unless it is unavoidable and very important. 

Learn Safe operations:  Ensure to stay safe as it leads to your well being.  Callousness needs to be weeded out from right early days such as from school or at least college. Callous attitude allows student to take everything light and easygoing. It is important draw a right line between things that could be overlooked and things that needed serious considerations.  

It means making smart choices and low-risk choices and planning for the other side of every negative aspect.

Seek assistance from the right person:  In an era where trillions of information is available at the click of button, it is important for growing students to seek help when required from the appropriate person. Especially when stuck up with any job due to inadequacy of knowledge or any other reason.    

Just GOOGLING information and reading around with little understanding is going to do no help. Seek professional help.  Going through an information with understanding is lot more different than knowing nuances of application. Knowledge without knowing the right application is going to be of waste.  

A big part of students mistake is not knowing when to ask for help.  The college years are a time for learning new information, new life skills, and a new way of relating with our world. 

Seeking help when required is a sign of strength and integrity, rather than an admission of failure.  

Learn to respect rules and policies: Every community and every institution has rules and policies and a college campus is no different. Our rules and policies apply to safety and fostering a positive community where students are respectful of themselves, others and the environment.

Subjecting oneself to a set of rules would actually help to discipline to a particular purpose tow reach to greater heights.

Honesty, Integrity- a prime priority: Learning to incorporate personal values and ethics into every aspect of life is a significant part of personal growth during the college experience. 

It is imperative to give highest priority to integrity, as it will provide clear picture of any situation. Integrity with oneself, integrity in communication, integrity in thinking, integrity in action and integrity in everything will certainly give better learning experience.   

Part of the path of integrity is learning how to hang in there and stay committed to goals even when situations are challenging. 

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