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In the long run of a student’s educational career, apart from developing skills like reading, writing listening and analyzing, it is also important to develop comprehending skills.

In the recent days, we observe that most children are drawn into ‘rote learning’, leaving behind the skill of comprehending.

The term ‘comprehend’ really means to understand. That is the reason schools today advocate a major question in English; comprehension passage with few questions.

Many students instead of reading and understanding and providing answers to the questions, they learn questions and answers, and write it down in the answer paper. Such a type of studying (answering) method fails to develop base level analytical skills in students.

Apart from failing to develop base level analytical skills in students, understanding level of the student also never improves. This in fact reflects on the students study in college while doing Under Graduation or Post Graduation.

To comprehend it is very important to possess an open mind.

Mastering comprehension skill early is one best tool to be successful in higher education.

Why Comprehension?

Base level of studying is reading with understanding and not repeated reading (memorizing) and bringing it out in the paper.  
The process of memorizing and brining out will do good to get marks, but on the application front it will fail to bear results.

Though, learning to memories and get marks will certainly fetch jobs, but it is doubtful whether it would take the individual to greater heights in career.

Learning process is a never ending process that continues beyond education too. Hence, it is very important for every child to develop this skill called “Comprehension”. 

Quicker the understanding skill is, faster the learning process.
Hence, it is very important for every child to develop this skill at early childhood itself, as it would facilitate faster learning.  

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