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Canada, one of the 174 nations fit for human habitation, is bounded by nature’s splendor.  It is positioned on the top three countries for its magnificence. Many adore it for its excellent educational system, outstanding healthy surroundings, lesser number of crime rate and hygienic environment.  In Canada, school education is offered at nil cost. Educational institutions are run by both the Government and private sector.

Educational Institutions in Canada

Canada’s educational network comprises University, University colleges, Community colleges, special job oriented institutions and Language schools. The basic eligibility to join any course is a pass in TOEFL. 

General Educational Qualifications

  • A minimum 70% in plus 2 is essential. to join any degree course.  To join UG  Technical and Computer courses, the candidate must have studied Maths upto plus 2.

  • To join PG  courses, a minimum 70% marks, completion of 4 year degree course and a pass in GRE examinations are essential.

  • To do a Ph D program, a Postgraduate degree and GRE eligibility are essential.  Project reports of earlier researches must be submitted to the chosen university.

Mandatory Needs for Canadian

  • Educational qualification corresponding to  Canadian School  examinations

  • Proficiency in English or French,

  • Good recommendation letters

  • Good marks in GMAT or GRE examinations.

Requirements for Enfgineering Studies

  • Duration of the Engineering course in Canada is 4 years.

  • To join, 80% or ‘A’ grade in the requisite subject.

  • High marks in English and Maths

  • 225-250 marks in TOEFL.  Some institutions accept IELTS instead of TOEFL

Requirements for MBA Studies

  • MBA in Canada is made available as full-time regular course, part-time course, and distance education programme and short- time study.

  • A minimum of 70% marks is a must to join.

  • 500 to 600 marks in the GMAT examinations.

  • 225-300-marks in TOEFL or parallel eligibility in IELTS.

  • Besides,  the applicant’s individual skill, leadership qualities, previous achievements and educational talent will be taken into account.

Requirements for Law, Medicine and Dental

  • 75% in the respective subjects; must have completed Undergraduate studies in the related subjects.

  • Must pass the entrance examination

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a recognized institution among the Indian students for its degree courses, Postgraduate studies and Professional courses. It also gives importance to research programmes. The individual’s freedom is well-protected here. Education based on Human Rights, the technique of acquiring knowledge through questioning are some of its features commended by the people around the world.   The activities of the university are as vast as the university and so it is quite astounding  to see widespread departments like Human resources, Social Sciences and Science and Technical Education.

During admission to degree courses, the student’s past educational skill, recommendation and projects are well considered.  The University’s mandate to join MBA courses is  prior experience in the field of Management and eligibility in GMAT.  Proficiency in English should be proved by the students from other countries.  Toronto University rigorously scrutinizes whether the students are endowed with knowledge equal to the standard offered by the university.

In Toronto University,  the fee goes upto 5-8  lakhs  per year for degree courses,  and for MBA  it comes around 15 lakhs per year.  .Arts and science  can be studied in the school final.  Business Management, Engineering and other courses can be studied as degree courses.  Hostel facility is available in the Univesity campus itself, but it is economical to stay outside and study.

University of Waterloo

This University is best known for introducing the latest in the educational field. For more than 11 years, University of Waterloo maintains the status of the best University in Canada. This University provides a suitable environment to learn anything fast. Training  in different subjects and the steady researches are of excellent quality at the international level Computer proficiency becomes a fundamental skill to learn any subject. The latest technology used in research laboratories, Libraries and the information obtained through them cannot be found elsewhere.

Subjects like Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Education, Mathematics, Science, Accountancy, Optometry, Architecture, Computer Science, and Planning can be learnt through research techniques. This university coaches technologies and the latest techniques to private organizations.  Its co-operative education is also quite popular.

For Pre- degree courses,  a course prior to the degree courses, the  University collects 3-5 lakhs as fees, and for degree courses, it  is 5-14 lakhs per annum.Though hostel facility is available within the University premises, it is better to stay outside because it is economical.

University of British Columbia

This University in Vancouver, well known for its Business and Engineering Studies, is one of the top 40 universities in the world.  The students’ pointed intelligence, the teachers’ efficiency in conducting classes and the special skills of the University staff contribute to the growth of arts, and socio economical spheres. There are about 45.000 students  studying  now. Within the University campus, a special town has been created in which a singular society functions actively.  Students from Japan, Mexico and Korea have contributed to the development of this exclusive society. An office for this University town will be opened shortly at Hong Kong.

It collects 7-8 lakhs for degree courses and 13 lakhs for MBA.  Hostel is available but it is economical to stay outside.

Top Universities of Canada

  • University of Waterloo

  • University of Toronto

  • McGill University

  • Simon Fraser University

  • Carleton University

  • University of Montreal

  • Queen’s University

  • University of British Columbia

  • Concordia University

  • University of Alberta 

For More Details:

Canadian High Commission
7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110 021

Phone: 91 (11) 5178-2000


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