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New Zealand, an eye-catching country encircled with nature’s majesty is situated in the South Pacific Ocean.   The population of this country is 38 lakhs.  New Zealand  covers thriving green farmlands, beautiful seashore, snow covered peaks and also deserts.  The people  adopt European culture, are sociable, self- confident and live with individual freedom.
New Zealand‘s unique trait is its brilliant education in protected atmosphere.

Special Features of New zealand Education

  • The educationists of this country not only respect new ideas but also encourage self-thinking individuals.

  • New Zealand’s educational system is based on British educational system.

  • The relationship between the teacher and the taught is healthy, open and friendly. As the population is very low it is easy to acquire a complete wide-ranging education.

  • Since people of varied culture live here, the New Zealanders  lead an unbiased, uncomplicated life-style, following simple ethics.  Furthermore they are friendly by nature. Such a  congenial atmosphere  assures the foreign students to take up studies of their choice.

  • Courses like Biotechnology, Forensic Science and Marine Engineering are highly developed to suit the international standard.

  • Opportunity to stay close to the University, first-rate transport facilities, significant recreational features and high class restaurants are found only in New Zealand.

  • The students enjoy many exciting games related to nature, such as Skiing, Canoeing, Surfing, Trumping and Mountain Biking and so on.

  • New Zealand education permits the students to earn during the Undergraduate courses;  but, this is discouraged during Postgraduate studies.

Educational System: 

This is based on the 1870 British University model.   The Government has 8 Universities under its control.  The educational system of New Zealand is renowned for its standard and setting appropriate atmosphere for research.

Apart from the Universities, Polytechnic Colleges, Institute of Technology and Private Educational Institutions function here.  Besides educational opportunities, job opportunities to work in New Zealand are made possible for the students.  Information related to job opportunities can be had from

Fess Details:

The Fees to study in New Zealand is lesser than the fees charged in other developed nations.  Out of the fees collected, half the amount is set apart for health, tax, language and other educational facilities.  The academic fees must be paid first. If  a situation to change the university occurs, barring the application and the processing fees, the rest will be returned.   But, once the course commences, the fees will not be reimbursed.

For the degree course, a student has to spend around 5.8 – 8 lakhs, and for the Postgraduate degree it is about 15 lakhs.  Nearly 6 lakhs has to be spent for boarding. No charge is levied for local phone calls.

English is the Basic Necessity:

The basic requirement for education in New Zealand is proficiency in English.  The eligibility to join any study is to attain 5.5 out of 6 in IELTS. The skills to speak, write and comprehend Englih will be tested.

Newzealand gives educations in:

  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Forest Cultivation, Hunting and Mining

  • Transport,

  • Health and social education

  • Engineering

  • Tourism

  • Science and Environment

  • Computer science

  • Insurance

  • Business administration

  • Culture, Information and recreation

  • Law

  • Safety

  • Production Science

A Few to Universities in Newzealand:

University of Auckland:

This University, started in the year 1883, is the major university in New Zealand and is renowned for its  Research programmes.  The University functions with an international approval. This University was established with an objective to render high service and reach superior standard of researches. 

It tries to create among students an awareness of the changes that take place in socio- economical and cultural phases so that they could absorb and implement these changes and thereby ventures to create a new generation. Situated in Auckland, the biggest city of New Zealand, nearly 40,000 students are studying in this University.

Courses like Arts, Business Administration, Economics, Teacher Education, Engineering, Law, Medical and Science are available.  Apart from these, it provides studies in Theology, in which more than 4000 students from 80 countries are studying.  There are one lakh alumni including 20,000 foreigners.

University of Canterbury:

This University is located in Christchurch, an island in South New Zealand.  It has many special features like world standard research, intense educational training, an excellent study atmosphere and students studying from other countries.

Similar to India it offers degree courses in Arts, Commerce.  Science and Honors Degree in Science subjects.  Instead of choosing their specific subject in the first year, the students have an opportunity to choose the particular subject in the second year, according to their skill.  Besides there exists courses like Engineering, Arts, Forestry, Social Work and Languages. Courses like Music, Law Studies and Educational Studies which can be done in 4 years are also offered here.

Victoria University:

This University is started and named to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the British Queen Victoria.  It is extremely respected and renowned in New Zealand  and is well-known for moulding the students with leadership qualities. The entire world acknowledges this University’s very efficient teaching faculties in different disciplines and quality students   The departments of Construction, Design, Anthropology, and Social Science, Law, Science, Engineering, Education, Commerce and Business Administration function in an extremely remarkable fashion.

The Requirements for New Zealand Education:

To send application two months prior to the commencement of the courses to the concerned university is the first step.  Next is to get through IELTS, TOEFL with the mandatory marks and final step is to apply for Visa from the Embassy of New Zealand.

The Requirements to Obtain Visa:

  • Passport,

  • Proof for educational qualification,

  • Admission order  from the concerned University,

  • Mark sheets of IELTS and TOEFL

  • Proof for the financial capacity to bear the operating expenses for education, boarding. and transportation or sponsorship letter accepting to bear the cost of New Zealand education.

  • Medical certificate for one who needs it.

For More Details:

New Zealand High Commission
Sir Edmund Hillary Marg
New Delhi 110 021

Phone: 0091-11-2688 3170


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