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DAAD Scholarships are aimed at graduate and doctoral students who wish to pursue higher education and research at universities and research institutes in Germany.

Every year, the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD awards scholarships to more than one lakh German, international students and researchers from around the world. Funds are provided to some internship programs too.

Scholarship Schemes:

Apart from the main scholarship programs of DAAD, there are also special programs for specific students. In particular, students and doctoral students who are at risk of being denied education or other rights in their country of origin will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship in Hilde Dom’s program.

Through surplus and third-country programmes, funding is provided to students, young scientists and researchers to pursue a degree or PhD in their home country.

Selection Process: Students who wish to apply for the scholarship can apply online to the eligible scholarship program within the application deadline. These applications are reviewed by voluntary selection committees and a decision is made regarding the allocation of scholarships.

Scholarship Details:

* Waiver of tuition fees at universities in Germany.

* A monthly stipend of 934 Euros is provided to students of Masters programme.

* Students coming under PhD can get 1,200 euros as monthly stipend.

* Medical insurance is also provided to the students.

* Few more travel grants are given to students under PhD and Masters programme.

* Free accommodation is also available in hostels provided by the university.


* Must have Bachelor Degree. Must be a program of maximum 6 years duration.

* Should have at least 2 years work experience in the field.

* Courses are offered in German or English. Should have language proficiency accordingly.

Language Proficiency:

* German language proficiency is required for courses offered in German.

* Must have IELTS scores as per university requirement.

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