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Learning to relate with others is the key for good mental health!- 13-Oct-2017

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In an era of gadgets, today, most children have very poor relationship with parents, siblings and relatives; as result do not have sound mental health.     

"In my 15 years of practice as a clinical psychologist, my experience covers working with adults as well as children.

For childrens issues, I typically conduct psychological assessments as well as write intervention programmes to guide families and schools in managing the children with disorders or disabilities.

Being a clinical psychologist, many people ask me about common factors that lead to psychological distress. I usually tell them that RELATIONSHIP DIFFICULTIES, regardless of whether they are romantic, familial, or collegial, significantly affect us more than we think.

Relationship problems can spoil our mood for the day or even weeks and months. Some relationship problems even last generations.

So one way of managing good mental health is to have good relationship or friendship management skills.

Learn and teach your young, skills to manage relationships healthily by knowing socialization and communication components such as kindness, compassion, empathy, honesty, being a good sport, collaboration, active listening, clear expressions, and forgiveness. These can all help contribute to better mental well-being.

It is also important to continually adapt by learning from mistakes rather than mulling over them in shame and guilt. Shame and guilt are two of the nastiest culprits of mental illness if allowed to consume you. These are conflicts within yourself. As such, having a good relationship with yourself is also a part of good mental health. So mind your relationships (with others, and with yourself) to keep your mental well-being in check".

- Dr. Alvin Ng, Clincal Psychologist, Malaysia 

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