Educations Aim is to Create a Vivacious Nation

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Our Former President Dr. Abdul Kalam is passionate to see India as a developed nation by 2020 or even before that. To create India as a developed land is neither a mere dream nor a vision of the Indian citizens. It is a determined vocation. Kalam says that we have to work together to realize it . To make the dream a reality, he shares his views with the students.

In order to rejuvenate our culture and tradition, the aim of the educational plan must be to build up an intellectual, dynamic and vibrant India by utilizing the latest scientific and technological growth.

Nearly 35 crores of people in India require literacy and skills to secure jobs. Children of the poor families do not have nourishing food. Among them, only a few study 8-year school course. The fundamental right of any child is education. Can we allow the poor children live in poverty throughout life? The parents must send their children to the nearby school. They should be satisfied to see them study.

Not all get adequate information on educational opportunities. Those who are in good economical conditions in the villages realize the need for education of children. Even though some realize the scope of education, they do not utilize it at the appropriate time. Many who are in the poverty line do not understand the value of education but continue to wallow in the same type of living.

People from all strata of life must understand the significance of education. They must be helped to acquire knowledge through latest technological devices. We spend only 4% from our local production on education. We must be prepared to spend 6-7% to reach 100% literacy. A condition must be generated that all departments of the Central Government should partake in the Education or Human Resources Department.

The standard of teaching should increase in schools. The standard of students from villages must be on par with the students from other schools. The Non-governmental and business organizations should help them for this. There must be a uniform syllabus and the teachers should improve their skills to teach effectively. Along with the lessons, the children must be taught both good behavior and honesty.

Examinations should be trouble-free. When I was taking examinations in the year 1950, there was the open-book system. We can refer to the books during examinations. However, it was difficult. Questions must be set in such a way to induce our imagination. Those who conduct examinations now can think about this method.

We have to bring virtual classroom in future. It will help both the teachers and students, wherever they are, to learn efficiently. Digital Library only will take knowledge to every nook and corner. Education based on techniques alone will be economically cheaper.

At school, besides good ventilation and light, the classrooms must be spacious. There must be library, laboratory, Information Technology facilities, protected drinking water, clean toilet and play ground. This is possible, if we direct 2-3% extra to Education from our Inland Production.

Parents by their total conduct should become the role model for children. Adequate job opportunities have not been provided for those who pass out from schools. To increase job opportunities we can adopt 3-point strategy. At first, professionally based education must be implemented to boost the potential in students to start working during their course itself. Expertise in perse fields and hard work create good entrepreneurs.

Even the Arts, Science and Commerce Students must be given professional syllabus and training. Secondly, the nationalized Banks must sanction loan for business capital and encourage the villagers to start business. Thirdly, a balanced atmosphere to buy and sell must be created by raising the quality of the products for marketing and the capacity of the consumers to buy. To create such a positive economically advanced circumstances, mega plans like connecting the rivers in different states, improving infrastructure, power projects and tourism development must be linked together.

Our educational plan must be structured to provide job opportunities. Of the 40 crore people fit for jobs, only 3 crore and 60 lakhs have no job opportunities.. We can provide job opportunities to all of them. By permitting them to grow castor seed plants in the wastelands, medicinal herbs and so on, many of them are sure to get job opportunities.

Best wishes to all of you.

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